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The COVID Pivot

Author, speaker, and coach Nicole Unice found herself in tough times when COVID-19 hit. Most of her income came through public speaking. Find out how we grew her audience to over 3000 and sold some high-level coaching packages in the midst of a pandemic.

Pivoting in the Midst of a Pandemic

When Nicole Unice first hired us at the beginning of 2020 there were dreams of reaching a lot more people with her message and really growing her audience. Nicole had recently transitioned from a leadership role at a church and was now venturing out to make things happen on her own. She needed this to work! 

Sadly lockdowns started in March of 2020 because of COVID19 and all her speaking gigs dried up. This was the major source of lead generation for her business.

So Nicole's team was tasked to pivot the strategy.

Sales Funnel Creation & Lead Nurturing:

BigBigStory was tasked with creating 2 sales funnels for 2 virtual products. We wrote copy and wireframes for 2 landing pages, wrote email launch sequences for both of these products, and even helped write the curriculum and content for both these products!

BigBigStory followed the StoryBrand messaging framework to layout the content on both of these landing pages. The first offering was an online bible study called Walking With God and the second was a high level virtual coaching program called Living Big When Life Feels Small.

Along with this BigBigStory was tasked to create a weekly email to nurture and engage Nicole's audience and promote anything she was doing at the time.

The Results:

From March 1st till the end of August Nicole's audience grow from 2100 people to 3,300 people. A 157% increase! 

After two rounds of promoting her high level coaching program Nicole had 47 people purchase the program.

And for the bible study she had 173 people purchase and is still pulling in weekly sales to this day.

15%-20% open rates in emails is typically seen as good. With Nicoles emails we consistently saw open rates range from 25%-30%.

"I was lacking a cohesive framework for how to think about my business and share my story with others. Working with BigBigStory has helped me find the message that connects everything I was doing. BigBigStory is where to go if you need help knowing what you are about and how to connect that message to your customer." - Nicole Unice