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Maybe you have a great product or service but just know deep down it’s being held back by your ability to convert people when they come to your website. That's where we come in. Here we explore the before & after for a coach of female financial advisors.

The Before & After for a Coach of Female Financial Advisors

Maybe you have a great product or service but just know deep down you're being held back by your ability to convert people when they come to your website.

That was the case with FemXAdvisor. Led by Adri Miller Heckman this coaching practice for female financial advisors makes a real difference by defining a new way to do business in the financial field.  

However their website and  messaging did not accurately reflect the heart of their business. Additionally it was not getting them the clients they wanted, minimizing the impact they truly desired for female advisors.

So what did we do?

We did 4 things: 1.) Defined their core message 2.) Refreshed the look of their brand 3.) Wrote customer focused web copy 4.) Designed a beautify website

Defined their core message

At BigBigStory we believe the foundation of a great message is rooted in telling a great story. That’s why we create a BrandScript first when working with a small business. The script lays out 7 key messages every brand needs to communicate if they intend to connect with customers successfully.  

Before working with FemXAdvisor they had a great message, however their delivery was disorganized and full of clutter.

Working through the BrandScript we helped remove confusing messages and lay a strong foundation for the right words, words we wanted to use on their website and future marketing material.  

You can dive deeper into creating your own BrandScript by following along with the script we created for some executive and life coaches.

Also, purchase the book Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller.

Refreshed the look of their brand

Next we went to work refreshing the look of their brand. The first thing a user notices when logging into a website is the aesthetics. Often overlooked, the visual appeal of a website is important in conveying the message your business is shouting to the world. Are you organized and efficient, effervescent and whimsical, or practical yet thoughtful? These are all important elements to consider when designing the brand.  

Working with Bridgit Kreutzer of BK+Co we took their old logo:

And spruced it up a bit.

We also updated their color palette and typography. We wanted their brand to have a fresh and vibrant look that feels both visionary and grounded. For color, we wanted the color to be cool, strong, intense and clear reflecting the values of their brand.

Here are the colors and images for their new look:

Wrote Customer Focused Web Copy

In this blog post, we talk about the importance of writing compelling copy.  Words matter, especially when you’re turning browsers into buyers.  

There are two shifts most small businesses need to make in their copywriting. First they need to make what they do super clear. It’s insane how confusing most websites are, full of insider language and cute phrases that leave browsers scratching their heads.

And second they need to take the focus off of themselves and put it onto their customers. The best way to go about this is to think of your brand as the guide and your customer as the hero.

Look at the header of FemXAdvisor's old site:

First off, when I read this I think they are a site that helps you market to women if you are a financial advisor.

Which isn’t what FemXAdvisor does!

Here is their new header:

Ahh clarity! I know exactly what they do. And I see the value they bring.

Using the BrandScript we created we went through the entire site and told a compelling story for female financial advisors to follow.

Designed a Beautiful Website

Last, we designed a great looking website!

Some of the biggest changes from the old site to the new site included:

Simplified the website navigation - We condensed the number of pages on the website and kept everything as simple as possible.  

Visually made the website skimmable - People don’t read websites these days! They skim them. So we designed the site with lots of strong headers and visual images for people to connect with.

Made calls to action clear - Many websites don’t help customers know what success looks like. They hide a contact button somewhere on their site. FemXAdvisor’s call to action is super clear and all over their website.  

From the old logo and old header images above you can get a vibe for how the old site felt. We believe the new site is looking pretty stellar!

With FemXAdvisor we wanted the user to feel instantly at ease with their decision to hire a coach (or the exact service being provided). Through compelling copy, beautiful branding, and thoughtful web design we created a user experience that sets their brand up for success for years to come.