StoryBrand Website Examples

(Updated 07/29/2019) Looking for StoryBrand website examples? Here are two good ones you can look at. They do an excellent job implementing a BrandScript into their websites.

StoryBrand BrandScript Example for Executive and Life Coaches

Are you an executive or life coach and want to get your brand message right? A StoryBrand BrandScript is the best place to start. Having worked with over a dozen coaches we have the tips and tricks to help you get your branding moving in the right direction.

How to write better marketing content: Overcome insider lingo

Stop overwhelming people with your boring marketing content! Watch my interview with Michaela Rawsthorn of Mergen Consultants. She specializes in helping businesses say what they need to say. She's the expert in content creation and has some good nuggets to share.

Giving an effective elevator pitch

An interview with an award winning storyteller from the Moth, Bridget Flaherty. She runs her own company called LORE, helping people and companies craft stories that uplift and inspire. We talk about one-liners and effective sales pitches!

StoryBrand Website Example (Before & After)

Will StoryBrand work for your website? See how the StoryBrand Content Strategy helped Whitehouse Management Group, LLC. build a website that now engages customers. We are going to take a look at what their website looked like before and why now (after) the website is working!

What the heck does storytelling really mean for your business?

Storytelling sure is popular right now. In fact, if you hear one more person say, “Tell your story,” you might actually punch someone in the face! What does storytelling really mean for your business?

10-Step Checklist for Writing Your Next Keynote or Presentation

Know how to prepare the best keynote presentation to stakeholders and potential investors. It can be stressful to know where to start but thankfully you can prepare and be successful with this 10 step checklist!

5 Ways Your Website is Broken... and How to Fix them

Many businesses inadvertently sabotage their websites by making these common mistakes. Thankfully you can fix all of them! ​​​​​​​

4 Myth-Busting Facts about Marketing

It's easy to hear statements "everyone is saying" and believe them to be truth. However if we take the time to think about what is being said we might just come up with a better marketing strategy!

How to craft the perfect subject line - 9 examples you can follow

Learn how to craft a better subject line in your email to avoid being part of the 75% of emails never opened! Guest post by Cara Ray of Avacado Toast Marketing.

Wix vs. Squarespace ad campaign. (Both are fun to watch!)

So I’ve used Squarespace before and really like it. I have not used Wix. I’m sure they are pretty similar. Regardless this post has nothing to do with their website building programs but everything to do with their recent ad campaigns!

Your vision and values might cost you customers.

You are sitting down at coffee with a potential investor or stake holder and something happens to all your dreams and ideas—they fall flat. Why?

Beat the big spenders: 7 things that will save you money on marketing

You can have a competitive advantage today and not spend big bucks. These 7 things can help...

Are you too smart for your business to grow? Avoid this major mistake!

Knowing all the ins and outs of your business could actually be costing you money!

Super Bowl 2018 Ad Awards: The Heart Grabber

When the heart is grabbed oftentimes what is happening is a brand is pointing to a philosophical problem their product or service solves.

Super Bowl 2018 Ad Awards: Too Clever

Confusion always costs companies $$ in the long run and I think this commercial hits the confusion nail right on the head!

Super Bowl 2018 Ad Awards: The Villain

Brands can create memorable storylines when they can identify a villain they are helping equip the hero (the customer) to fight.

One of the Super Bowl Ads I loved. Learn to sell from Dr. Oz.

Turkish Airlines put out one of the best commercials for the Super Bowl! ‍ There are a few things I loved about the ad that every brand could learn from for their own advertising.

3 Brand Awards I’m giving after Super Bowl 2018

Super Bowl ad watching has become almost a bigger attraction than the game itself! Learn from the brands that do it the best! Read about the 3 awards I’m giving for the 2018 Super Bowl Ads.