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How confident are you that the people across your organization can communicate your brand message accurately & consistently?

Lack of consistency is costly. 60% of companies polled agree a diluted message is costing them 1 -10M+ each year.

How a distorted message affects the customer experience:

Creates customer confusion.
Loses trust because of unmet expectations.
Leads customers to consider alternative solutions.

Consistency between sales, marketing, and employees brings opportunity:

Greater brand awareness and better brand perception.
Increased lead generation.
Improved customer engagement and satisfaction.
Increased sales and customer retention.

"We knew if we as a team were not clear, the world would never understand who we are." - View Imaging (BigBigStory Client)

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Private Workshop with BigBigStory

We love working with professional service teams

You provide great value to your clients. But your brand message is spoken 100 different ways, and that's costing you opportunities.  

The language in your marketing campaigns and your sales conversations are not consistent.

What if you could empower your whole team to be a united sales force?

That's how we help. We get everyone speaking the same language, aligned around a compelling message, attracting more of your ideal customers.

We specialize in creating an irresistible messages so you can work with more of your ideal clients.

The Four Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Clients:

1. STORY BRANDING - The language that gets everyone on the same page.

We teach your team a shared language. Understand the 7 key elements to effective storytelling, and how these elements create clear, consistent, and compelling communication time and time again. This 7 part framework will simplify and clarify every piece of marketing and communication you create.    

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2. BRAND SCRIPTING - Your company's unique and compelling story.

Get everyone on the same page telling your most compelling company message. With everyone united, you’ll remove silos, avoid brand dilution, and attract more of your ideal clients. Everyone will have buy-in, know what to say, and know the most persuasive 15-second pitch when asked “So tell me what your company does.”

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3. WEBSITES & SALES PITCHES - An integrated sales and marketing message.

Buyer habits have changed showing that the average buyer does not contact (or wish to be contacted) until they are 57% through the sales process. They want to research, meaning your website is more important than ever. We’ll layout a site that leverages the power of great storytelling. When they are ready to talk you’ll be armed with the perfect pitches and proposals to close the deal.

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ATTRACTION MASTERY - Coaching and strategy to attract more of your ideal clients.

Now that your websites and proposals on point, you’re ready to attract more customers. Should you be on Linkedin, Instagram, do a podcast, create a lead generator, or send an email campaign? Without the right strategy, you’ll waste a lot of money doing random acts of marketing. We’ll help you figure out where your target market lives and the best way to engage them in a cost-effective way.

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People were never on the same page with what our message was. The workshop brought clarity and synergy. We believe clarity in our messaging will help us grow our audience, fans, listeners, and donors."

After significant organizational changes, including a leadership transition, our company was struggling to stay unified in our messaging. We identified gaps in communication and what the heart of our organizational story is. Our passion for our work is reignited and we now feel empowered to share our message."

We are 20 years old as a company and we are very broad in the services we offer. We have never had a concise message. Our management for the first time are all on the same page about what the entire agency does regardless of individual divisions. That is HUGE!!"

We wanted to create more impactful messaging and wanted collaboration across the team. The exercises and the team discussions allowed team members to practice. Now everyone on the team can use this framework to create deliverables."

Creating a consistent, clear, and compelling message benefits everyone in your company:

Teams know how to write emails that get responses.
Managers know how to hold meetings with clear objectives.
Leaders know how to craft compelling presentations.
Morale is boosted by having everyone on the same page.

Why work with Big Big Story?

Sales, marketing, and communication doesn't have to be so complicated.
If your brand guidelines are 50 pages long it's hard for people to adopt and implement. We aren't knocking your brand guide, in fact it's often a great starting place. You just need a different tool to get to where you are going.
We love making complicated things simple.
If it's not simple and repeatable then it's not memorable or useful. Our goal is to get the most streamlined and powerful message into the hands of your people unleashing them to be a united sales force for your company.
Meetings suck. Memos suck. Getting everyone on the same page is hard.  
You don't have time for all that. With good intentions meetings are held to find alignment. In fact you've been trying for years. It's just hard to get it done efficiently. Your people are good people, they're just busy.
We love efficiency. Meetings should be fun and energizing.
Our workshops are designed to get everyone on the same page when it comes to your messaging in less than 2 days. And you'll learn the components needed to create your own irresistible messages over and over again so your meetings stop sucking :)
Not getting seen is frustrating especially when you do good work.
It's disheartening seeing companies who could benefit go to inferior competitors. It's not the best products or services that win, it's the ones that connect best with customers. Sadly many inferior companies are winning simply because they connect better.
We love helping the good guys win.
Our heart is to work with passionate businesses who provide extraordinary services to their clients. If this is you, you deserve every opportunity out there to work with more of your ideal clients.  
Picture of Matt Carroll owner of Big Big Story.
Matt Carroll
Marketing Consultant + Copywriter
Website Designer

With over 20 years creating content for large and small organizations Matt's desire is to help the "good guys" get heard. He's created content for all types of audiences helping create messages that move people to respond.

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4 Year StoryBrand Certified Guide
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StoryBrand Private Workshop Facilitator
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Copyhackers 10x Emails Certified
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Damian Vallelonga
Marketing Consultant + Copywriter
Graphic Designer

For over 20 years Damian has worked in marketing, as a graphic designer, web designer, and copywriter. He loves partnering with people who care about what they do and the people they serve.

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4 Year StoryBrand Certified Guide
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Marketing Strategist & Coach
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Artist, Designer, UX & all things Creative
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You deserve messaging that works as hard as you do.

You're a professional service firm that provides extraordinary services to your clients. Your marketing ought to be on par with the professional service you provide.