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Verbal Branding & Visual Branding to help B2B companies do bigger business.

Tell a compelling story
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Your brand tells a story...

The problem is businesses often complicate that story.
Many businesses struggle to succinctly and interestingly tell:
what they do,
who they do it for,
and why it matters.

Frustrated B2B Business Owner

A confused story...

Leaves a bad first impression.
Loses trust with customers because of unmet expectations.
Makes your brand obscure and unmemorable.
Leads customers to consider alternative solutions.
Wastes money on marketing.

A clear and compelling story...

Raises customer awareness.
Generates new business.
Improves the perception of your brand.
Inspires employees.
Increases the value of your company and its services.

"We knew if we as a team were not clear, the world would never understand who we are." - View Imaging (BigBigStory Client)

Aligned Business Owner

Our #1 goal is to make it easy for customers to choose you.

That's our definition of success.

Maybe your business is on the upswing and you're ready to handle more clients. Or maybe you've plateaued a bit and its time to reenergize your audience.

We'll help build out your brand strategy, communicate it verbally, and display it visually so you can take your business to the next level.

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The process to creating a memorable brand:

Define your value. Differentiate yourself. Grow Your Brand.

1. Define your value

The most important part of defining value is determining what your customers actually value. We help you define your mission, vision, and values all with your customers needs in mind.  

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2. Differentiate yourself.

Differentiation is all about your story. We'll craft a compelling story your audience cares about helping them see you as the viable solution to their problem.

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3. Grow your brand.

When you roll out a story that is all about your customers, helping solve their problems, in no time at all your audience will grow and you'll reap the rewards.

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Our Services

Strategy, Verbal & Visual

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Brand Strategy &
Verbal Identity

Everything begins with the right strategy that informs your brand message.
We help you:
• Clarify your mission, vision, and values
• Clarify your target market and understand the unique problems you solve
• Know how to position yourself so you are seen as the right solution
• Create a BrandScript that communicates your compelling story
• Craft one-liners & pitches to easily hook your audience
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Website Design

Messaging & Communication

Once we've established your brand message it's important to get that message on the platforms where people see you.
We write:
• Website copy & wireframes
• Pitch decks & proposals
• Video scripts
• Executive summaries
• LinkedIn profiles
• Email campaigns
• Sales emails & scripts
• Lead Generators
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Visual Design


We make sure your visuals are a true reflection of your brand identity.
We design:
• Visual Brand Package - logo, typography, and color palette
• Visual Brand Style Guide - guideline on how to use your new brand assets
• Digital Template Design - pitch decks & social media
• Print Design - business cards & letterhead
•  Website Design
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"I've just been invited to speak at a roundtable of chief audit executives! I referred them to my new StoryBranded website, developed by BigBigStory, and believe thats what landed me the speaking job!"

Margie Bastolla Photo
Margie Bastolla

"I was trying to come up with a website that reflected the way I do business, something personal and unique, and very different from most financial advisors. BigBigStory has given me a website that reflects the heart and soul of my business."

View Judy's Before & After


"I needed to get a quality website up quickly as I started a new venture.  After only 3 months of having the website up, I had already reached my year 2 client goals, so now I can dream bigger!  BigBigStory has a quality process that helps distill the main message in a way that will resonate with your audience."

Michelle Kaufman
Michelle Kaufman

"We knew what we wanted to focus on but we couldn't find the right words to bring our message to life. BigBigStory helped us articulate our value in a bold yet personable manner that felt totally us. This work has helped us streamline all our activities and programs so that everything is now leading to our big vision."

Adri Miller-Heckman
Adri Miller-Heckman

You deserve branding that works as hard as you do.

It doesn't have to be so hard to stand out in this busy world.
We can help!