BigBigStory is here to help B2B companies do bigger business.

Tell repeatable & memorable stories

When your brand is memorable your customers say "I know a person who can help with that." We'll help make you the go to guy or gal.

Guide advertising, marketing & sales

Without a strong, clearly defined brand, it's difficult to know what to say to customers or how to say it. Consistent message guidelines saves money and builds trust.

Engage and align employees

Your employees are your most dedicated brand advocates. If they are united behind your message they naturally sell and are more loyal to your company.

Attract top talent

Some companies post jobs and get zero applicants and others have a line of new talent knocking on their door. The difference? The brand story they tell.

Build a valuable company

People invest in, do business with, and give money to companies they understand and believe in. Your brand story is the beginning to building something of great value.

The StoryBrand Advantage

We help business leaders just like you beat brand confusion that's holding back your team and costing you sales.


Big Big Story is certified to implement the StoryBrand message framework with all our clients.

We love utilizing this framework because it creates simple, clear, and repeatable messages over and over again. In our workshops we teach your team how to utilize this awesome tool! And it's the foundation for all the marketing and communication assets you'll create.

Read more about how we've implemented SB7 with some of our consulting clients.

StoryBrand has helped thousands of business from multi-million dollar corporations like Pantene and Chick-fil-A, to small businesses and solopreneurs.

When your team is clear, your customers will be too. They'll understand exactly how your business will help them, and they'll be far more engaged.

Why work with Big Big Story?

A little about us...

Picture of Matt Carroll owner of Big Big Story.
Matt Carroll

Brand Consultant + Copywriter
Website Designer

With over 20 years creating content for large and small organizations Matt's desire is to help the "good guys" get heard. He's created content for all types of audiences helping create messages that move people to respond.

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4 Year StoryBrand Certified Guide
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StoryBrand Private Workshop Facilitator
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Copyhackers 10x Emails Certified
Picture of Steve Perkins of Greenhouse Culture
Damian Vallelonga

Marketing Consultant + Copywriter
Graphic Designer

For over 20 years Damian has worked in marketing, as a graphic designer, web designer, and copywriter. He loves partnering with people who care about what they do and the people they serve.

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4 Year StoryBrand Certified Guide
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Marketing Strategist & Coach
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Artist, Designer, UX & all things Creative
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