bigbigstory is StoryBrand Certified

What's that mean to you?

Our StoryBrand certification equips us to craft clear, compelling messages that deeply resonate with your ideal clients. We empower your brand to become a master storyteller that guides your clients on their hero's journey, positioning your consulting and coaching business as the guide that will help your clients thrive.

StoryBrand Certified Guide for Coaches and Consultants

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Matt Carroll StoryBrand Coach

Hi, I'm Matt Carroll...
founder of BigBigStory.

What I cherish most in my work is the opportunity to connect with diverse business owners, each with their unique and inspiring stories. These tales of motivation, impact, and often, intense passion, truly resonate with me.

I see a bit of myself in these passionate individuals and companies. I've always been something of a dreamer, constantly seeking growth and new challenges.

My journey began over 20 years ago in communications within the nonprofit sector. I was a middle school youth pastor who organized a ton of large events, wrote curriculum, spoke to large audiences, led big volunteer teams, and more. Needless to say I learned a ton about marketing and communications!

From there, I branched out into running my own marketing company, got StoryBrand Certified, developed an online course for copywriters, and even launched a small publishing company.

I thrive on trying new things, particularly when it involves learning how to run a more profitable business – not just for myself, but also for my clients.I'm excited about the prospect of meeting you and hearing your story!