The COVID Pivot

Author, speaker, and coach Nicole Unice found herself in tough times when COVID-19 hit. Most of her income came through public speaking. Find out how we grew her audience to over 3000 and sold some high-level coaching packages in the midst of a pandemic.

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Nicole Unice

Rebranding to Win the Deal

Mi-Case is the leading partner for offender management software. They had a super outdated website with a message that didn't truly capture how they met the needs of their customers.

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Margie Bastolla Facilitations, LLC.

Margie Bastolla is an Audit Report Writing Trainer. We worked to revamp her brand language with a StoryBrand BrandScript, wrote content for her new website, built her website, created a lead generator, and wrote an automated email campaign.

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Marge Bastolla Facilitations, LLC.