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Do you run a business where one new client could change everything?

That is the case with Mi-Case. Their contracts are so large in depth and scope that a new client for them can truly change the landscape of their company for years to come. This means a website message that actually works for them and not against them could mean everything in terms of business growth.

BigBigStory partnered with Corling & Co. who played lead on this project on brand strategy (for sure hire them for your brand strategy). Also Riddle Design Co. did an amazing job on this project with graphic design and illustrations.

Here is there website before: 

And after:

A few major things you'll see is clearly an updated design. Studies show that in 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) a user has already formed an opinion of your business from what they've seen when your site loads. Kudos to Riddle Design for designing a super clean and professional look Mi-Case! 

Also the messaging speaks to the customers Mi-Case is trying to reach (Corrections Professionals).

If you look at the header of the old site "The Ultimate Toolkit for Offender Case Management." Great! It's ultimate. That sounds useful.

However in the new site the main pain point we are trying to overcome is the fact that switching to a new software system is a pretty big deal! Most people don't even want to entertain the idea because of all that's involved. Mi-Case is selling the fact that a prospective client doesn't have to worry. In fact they can be confident! 

Remember, people are buying way more than your product or service. The new Mi-Case website takes prospective clients on a journey that helps them understand that this is way more than software.

Checkout the new site! 

And if you are looking for Offender Management Software, these guys are who you need to call.


Mi-Case is the leading partner for offender management software. They had a super outdated website with a message that didn't truly capture how they met the needs of their customers.

Release Date:
April 2020

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