Custom Home Builder: Rebrand to reflect quality craftsmanship


Willhouse Construction

Project Date:

September 1, 2021

Project Type:

Brand strategy, message strategy, website copy, website build

Rebrand to reflect quality craftsmanship

Rebranding to tell a compelling story that visually captivates

Founded in 2017 Jordee Williford of Willhouse RVA built his business by transforming spaces with expert design and craftsmanship. 

Many homeowners and general contractors struggle finding trustworthy builders who can do the job well. Because of that, Williford and his team pride themselves not only on their craftsmanship but on their commitment to clear communication. You won’t be left wondering what things will cost or struggling to figure out if a timeline will be met.  

In the early days a DIY website worked for Willhouse but eventually didn’t keep up with the quality of their custom builds. For their brand to stay consistent the elevated experience needed to start from the first interaction a potential customer might have while browsing a website to the first time they open up their new handcrafted custom cabinets. 

So our team dove in! 

So what did we do?


1. Crafted a Compelling Story

All great stories are about a relatable character who has to overcome a set of problems to get to a desired destination. We sit on the edge of our seats watching movies all the time because this story of overcoming crazy obstacles is our most captivating form of communication. 

We use the formula of story to craft the message strategy for all our customers. When complete this BrandScript becomes the talking points for all parts of the brand. It informs websites, linkedin profiles, proposals, pitches, social media posts, and more.  

With Willhouse this first step was crucial to their rebrand, because without a message strategy brands have a tendency to fall into the habits of just giving away random pieces of information about their business vs. inviting customers into a compelling story.

2. Created a New Look and Feel 

A brand’s visual identity is super important because it gives an impression without having to communicate with words. It has the power to grab a person emotionally, conveying both meaning and purpose. 

When working with Willhouse we found that their original visual aesthetic no longer matched who they were as a company. The old logo had an unrefined feel with bright and energetic colors that didn’t speak to the elevated and elegant feel Willhouse wanted to convey. 

The new logo captures a more sophisticated feel with it’s new colors and cleaner font. Additionally we created a memorable lettermark (The WC in the logo) that can be used on all of Willhouse’s marketing content. 



3. Wrote a User Focused Website 

Many business websites focus solely on who they are and what they do. Sadly this misses a tremendous component in the brand story: the customer! Websites that fail to identify the problems their customers are facing will always struggle to connect with website visitors. 

You can see language that is all about the client’s needs, wants, and desires all through the website. 

To the general contractor: 

“Builders should help your project proceed smoothly, not slow it down. Our job is to make your life easy. We realize you have a lot to coordinate and a timeline to hold, the last thing you need is a builder that misses the mark.” 

This is a strong website copy because it enters into the story the general contractor is living. This is way more compelling than just listing out the services you provide on your website. 

To the residential homeowner: 

“You deserve a home that truly feels like you. It can be tough living in a space that feels outdated when you know there’s a better way to live. Feeling cramped can also be a daily frustration, and it can be hard to envision the true potential of your home. 

This copy communicates that Willhouse truly understands what a homeowner is going through. It builds trust and tells a compelling story.  

4. Designed a Website to Wow

The website is where we put together the message with the look and feel. It needs to capture attention visually and highlight the message so it doesn’t get lost.

Websites are where people go first to check you out. It’s the first impression of your brand. It should do the following things:

  • Identify and solve problems your customers are facing
  • Clearly communicate the value you bring and what makes you different
  • Create the proper feelings about your brand
  • Make it easy for people to do business with you 

You can see Willhouse’s New Website Here.