March 28, 2019

How to write better marketing content: Overcome insider lingo

How to overcome insider lingo with your business

Stop overwhelming people with your boring content!

Watch my interview with Michaela Rawsthorn of Mergen Consultants. She specializes in helping businesses say what they need to say. She's the expert in content creation and has some good nuggets to share in this video:

Common problems:

  1. The "curse of knowledge" is when you know more than your customers so they have no idea what you are saying.
  2. Insider language risks not being able to make a connection with potential customers because they are confused.
  3. Businesses fall in love with outdated phrases or gimmicky ideas that are hard for customers understand.
  4. Sometimes in the early stages of business development businesses are still trying to figure out what exactly they offer and what will "stick" with their customers. This often creates unclear marketing language.

Ways to overcome insider lingo:

  1. Explain it in a way that your kids could understand.
  2. If you had to summarize your ideas how would you say it? Often this is the way you should say it.
  3. Hire an outsider like Michaela (someone who does not have the curse of knowledge) to refine the obvious complexities of your message.

You can find Michaela at: