3 Messages That Must Go On Your Website

There are 3 messages that capture the attention of people browsing on your website. In fact if done correctly they won’t stay browsers, they’ll become buyers and your business will begin to grow.

What customers need to hear before they buy...

If you are the average small business owner you know you need a website. So you paid a design agency  the big  bucks to get a great looking website or you hopped on Squarespace and picked out a nice template for yourself.

Nowadays it’s not too difficult to get a nice looking site up and running … ok I take that back. For some reason even with the tools out there, there are a ton of terrible looking websites! 🤦‍♂️

I digress… this post isn’t about bad looking websites. It’s about the messages on those websites.

What happens is the design agency says “We’ve built your site for you… we just need you to get us the website copy.”

What! Website copy???

You didn't even think about that. So you pull together your team and have a ton of meetings trying to figure out what to put on your website.

And the results aren’t great.

Every time you pull up someone else’s website that has great website copy … you know, when the words just pop off the page ... you get jealous and angry at the money wasted on your website.  

Since the budget doesn’t have room for a new website you continue to tinker and tinker with your site hoping somehow you’ll figure out the formula to boost sales.

Hopefully things haven’t gotten that bad!

If you are in tinker mode or about to invest in a new website, hopefully you are reading this article first.

There are 3 messages that capture the attention of people browsing on your website

In fact if done correctly they won’t stay browsers, they’ll become buyers and your business will begin to grow.

Message One: Motivation

Key Question: What is in their head & heart?

Always begin the conversation with what your potential customers are truly thinking about. Why did they really show up to your website?

They wanted something. And don’t think it’s your product or service that they want. It goes way deeper than that.

We just got a new puppy and are having some issues keeping him from wandering into places we don’t want him to go… which brings me to my current search for a gate that keeps Griffin from wandering into the section of our house that holds my kids toys and access to the stairs to the next level of our house.

Right now I literally have a fort of empty amazon boxes blocking the way to this area of the house.

There’s a whole lot going on in my head and heart right now in terms of buying a puppy gate.

I want my puppy to be safe. I want our stuff to be safe. I want something that’s easy to use or install. And I really don’t want to spend a ton of money (hence the box fort).  

What is the biggest and loudest thought that is rattling around in the head of your customer when they end up on your site?

Identify the main thoughts they are having and somehow communicate that in the header of your site. You can’t say everything here. Try to hit the message that is the loudest in your customers head.

Where websites fail is they think customers are solely thinking about purchasing their product or service. Sure I want a dog gate, but there are a lot of things that are motivating why I’m on your site.

Identify those things and your customers will think “These guys really get me” and your chances of selling dramatically increase.

Message Two: Pains & Desires

Key Question: What problems can you solve for them?

Now this is similar to the first message but it takes it to the next level. You’ve hooked them with their key motivation for showing up already, but don’t stop there.

Brainstorm every benefit your product or service provides and the problems it solves. Make an exhaustive list. Now pick the top 3.

Pretty quick you’ll want to highlight these on your site. I’ll often advise clients to put this right below the main header.

Also think about how you can make this easy to skim. People don’t read websites these days. Make it so visually they can easily catch the value you provide and the problems you solve.  

Message Three: Barriers & Objections

Key Question: What is preventing them from buying?

Make a list of all the reasons why someone chooses to not do business with you.

If it’s price then we need to communicate why your service is so valuable.

Maybe they need social proof. Put some testimonials here.

Maybe they have anxiety about making a bad purchase.  You might want to think about some sort of guarantee.

Maybe they don’t trust you yet. Then you might want to give a bit of authority to why you should be the guide they want to follow.

Lastly if you can’t reduce all objections to buying then you might want to think about giving an incentive that helps motivate their purchase.

Want to avoid high website bounce rates and boost sales? Then think through how well your website is hitting these 3 messages people care about.


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