10-Step Checklist for Writing Your Next Keynote or Presentation

Know how to prepare the best keynote presentation to stakeholders and potential investors. It can be stressful to know where to start but thankfully you can prepare and be successful with this 10 step checklist!

10-Step Checklist for Writing Your Next Keynote or Presentation

You’ve worked hard on your craft. You're proud of what you created. Now, finally, you have a chance to get up and present your ideas in front of some stakeholders or potential investors. You've worked really hard and want to give the best possible presentation to the audience that matters the most to your future success. But, it can be stressful to know where to start!

Here’s a 10-step checklist to help strengthen your presentation.

1 - Begin with a strong hook - The best presentations start with a clear problem that needs to be solved. You want to grab the audience’s attention quickly so they are invested in your talk. Don't start with an introduction or small talk. The first words need to  indicate: "We have {insert problem} and something needs to be done about it."

2 - Talk feelings - People only buy products or services because of how they feel about the problem that is causing them to buy. In your pitch say something like, "People are {insert feeling} because of how {insert problem} affects their lives." Feelings agitate the pain and cause people to want to act.

3 - Be philosophical - Philosophical statements say how life ought to be. After you talk about feelings think of some way you can say, "It's wrong for anyone to feel this way" or "Everyone  deserves to live a better kind of life."

4 - Establish empathy - For you to be a likable presenter, people need to know that you aren't someone who has all the answers but you are someone who understands the feelings of struggle caused by the problems you are solving. "I get what it's like to feel {insert feeling} by {insert problem} because this was my story too."

5 - Establish authority - Share how you should be trusted with the plan you are about to present. Talk briefly about how you've done your homework and you have research to back up your findings. Give a brief bio or a testimony to establish credibility. "Thankfully we've been able to help {insert number} of people find the help they need."

6 - Give a simple plan - Present a plan for success in 3 or 4 clear steps. Too many steps and people disengage. "All we need to do is {insert step 1}, {insert step 2} and {insert step 3}. Making it simple helps the audience believe that your plan is doable, making it more likely for them to invest in your idea!

7 - Call them to action - Make it clear what you are asking the people in the room to do. If not they may not step up to the plate and invest. It might be, "After this I need every one of you to {insert call to action}." I need you to invest x-amount of dollars. I need you to come talk to me about how to volunteer. etc. etc.

8 - Paint a picture of failure - What is at stake if they don't invest in your idea? Let them know how the problem you are trying to solve will continue to persist. We can't allow this problem to affect our lives any longer. Something needs to be done about it!

9 - Paint a picture of success - How bright does the future look if they invest in your idea? Let them know how success will "put a man on the moon!" Try to use picture-type language as you describe the desired outcome of success.

10 - Use personality - Have fun as you write your keynote. People's walls are knocked down by seeing your personality come out. Take a risk and put yourself out there a little bit!    

With this checklist you have all that you need to knock your next presentation out of the park! Now get to it and get those investors backing you!

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