Two Things that Kill Your Website Conversion Rate and Wipe Out Profits

What does your customer really want and is that message reflected on your website? This blog post examines the two things that kill website conversion rates and hinder profits.

I’ve become a big fan of Conversion Rate Experts!

If you are into numbers and data they are your guys, basically guaranteeing with the right customer feedback and A/B testing one should be able to make money off their website in no time.

I especially found this article, 15 common mistakes businesses make on their websites, fascinating. Hop on over to this resource and get sucked into a rabbit hole!

However, many startups and small business owners don’t have the budget to A/B test. So where do they start?

What’s the lowest hanging fruit for getting people to respond when they come to your website?

If you go back to the 15 Common Mistakes article you’ll see that most  people make mistakes when it comes to understanding their users and making content clear and concise.

Conversion Killer #1 - Failure to understand the target user

What does your customer really want and is that message reflected on your website?

In our blog post Motivation is Marketing we discuss how understanding why someone comes to your business is the gold you need to create a compelling message.

For example you might be selling an online art class to kids families stuck at home during the COVID-19 quarantine. The failure in marketing comes when you begin selling art classes.

In reality that’s not what parents want ...  

… They want something exciting to fill the boredom in their kids lives while staying  at home.

… They want their kids to learn something exciting and new when they are unable to go to school.

… Or maybe they simply want something for their kids to focus that will help create a moment of peace so parents can prop their feet up for 45 minutes.

Understanding all of the reasons “why” someone buys will allow your message to actually convert!

There is a great example of all of this in this article about selling hammers!  

The point is, you are wiping out your profits if you aren’t talking about what your target user really wants!

Conversion Killer #2 - Failure to make the product or service understandable

Give me one sentence and describe what you do.

That’s it. One sentence.

Oh … and explain it to me as if I was a 3rd grader.

I was working with a business the other day that does these really awesome environmental site cleanups using some pretty innovative technology. Needless to say the words they were using were long and confusing.

After a bit of discussion, I said, “so you guarantee a contaminated site will get all cleaned up?”

They said “Yes.”

I replied… “So why don’t you just say that?"

Site Header: Be confident that site contamination is gone

Subheader: Innovative tech that gives peace of mind it’s cleaned up so you can start building  

As business owners we struggle with the curse of knowledge. We know too much about what we do that the messages that come out of our mouths and onto our websites become noise to our customers.

I love writing website copy because it forces a person to write in sound bites.

Short. Quick. Catchy. Simple. Phrases. … that a 3rd grader could understand!

This doesn’t mean dumb down your content. In fact you might need to give lots of technical pieces of information. But put those technical pieces together into a package that’s ready when needed. Write your white paper for someone to download. Or create a case study to put on your website.

But in the actual page copy keep things as simple and clear as possible!

If you don’t have money to A/B test your website message, I suggest you start with these 2 things. If you do, you’ll already be 90% better than most of the small business websites out there!

Also check out Copywriting Guide: How to Write Web Copy That Sells to learn more about creating great website content.


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