Nail your elevator pitch & generate more interest in your business.

When someone asks "What do you do?" Does your answer always end up coming out jumbled and confused?

The problem is, without a clear answer to this question...

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You are quickly forgotten in a sea of distractions.
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Your brand blends in with everyone else.
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Your opportunity to reach more customers is lost.

Create business momentum with an effective elevator pitch

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Get everyone on your team saying the same thing creating organizational clarity.
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People have assumptions about your industry. Your pitch quickly conveys the unique value you offer.
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When you say something compelling they will ask for more info, go to your website, and buy from you.

In this workshop we will: 

Teach the framework for giving an effective pitch
Share common mistakes people make
Give examples in different industries
Give opportunity for Q&A to share your pitch for refining and feedback  

Create the foundational language needed to talk about what you do!

When you clarify your pitch you begin to see a clear direction for all areas of your marketing.

Your presenters:

Picture of Matt Carroll owner of Big Big Story.
Matt Carroll
Marketer -

With over 20 years creating content for large and small organizations Matt's desire is to help the "good guys" get heard. He's created content for all types of audiences helping create messages that move people to respond.

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3 Year StoryBrand Certified Guide
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Copyhackers 10x Emails Certified
Picture of Steve Perkins of Greenhouse Culture
Damian Vallelonga
Marketer -

For over 20 years Damian has worked in marketing, as a graphic designer, web designer, and copywriter. He loves partnering with people who care about what they do and the people they serve.

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3 Year StoryBrand Certified Guide
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Artist, Designer, UX & all things Creative