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A one-liner that raises money for an amazing cause

Purposeful Pallets creates pallet art that people can purchase to help raise money and awareness around foster care. Their goal is to ultimately get kids out of the foster care system and into stable homes during some of the most critical times in the children's lives.

As we walked through Purposeful Pallet's brand message, we realized many people have an all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to foster care. They either take a child into their home or they do nothing. We decided that part of their brand message needed to help people overcome that way of thinking.

So we came up with this one-liner or 15-second sales pitch: "Many people feel overwhelmed at the idea of being foster parents themselves so they do nothing. Purposeful Pallets exists to help everyone be a part of the foster care solution by purchasing pallet art. Money raises awareness so kids can find safe homes at a critical time in their life. "  

With this simple message Purposeful Pallets has been nonstop creating pallet art, hosting pallet parties, and holding workshops on foster care! People comment constantly on how they too thought there was nothing they could do before they met Purposeful Pallets!

Read more about Purposeful Pallet's content strategy here:

Purposeful Pallets

Purposeful Pallets helps everyone play a part in helping kids in foster care. We created a clear brand message, created clear website content, and built a new website.

Purposeful Pallets
Release Date:
July 2018

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