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Transform how you approach brand strategy, marketing campaigns, and sales endeavors.

Align your team around a clear & compelling story
Streamline your sales & marketing message
Learn a repeatable message framework



Is your message strategy slowing down your team?

Having a consistent way to create compelling brand stories can be the difference between a frustrated team that's lacking cohesion and a team that's skyrocketing 🚀 to success.

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Your team deserves clarity.

Equip them with a consistent message framework.

StoryBrand Private Workshop

Align your team around a clear & compelling story.

We'll work with your team to develop a company BrandScript giving you a story that resonates with your target audience.

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Streamline your sales & marketing message.

Remove confusion about why your business matters and unite your team on how to communicate it.

StoryBand 7 Part Framework

Learn a repeatable message framework.

Apply what you learn for all your messaging, websites, newsletters, sales letters, social, and proposals.

Hi, we're BigBigStory.

If you've attended a StoryBrand Workshop or read Building a StoryBrand, you know the impact it can have on a business. However, implementing this across a company can be daunting. Matt Carroll of BigBigStory has been trained by StoryBrand to run personalized workshops for companies who need their entire team to understand and utilize the StoryBrand framework.  

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StoryBrand Private Workshop

It's time to align your team around a clear, powerful story.

1. Identify your goals

The StoryBrand Workshop is incredibly effective for both internal and external messaging. Let's get clear on what the huge win will be for your team and then make it happen!

2. Choose your dates & location

This 1.5 day workshop can take place in-person or virtually. We'll work with you to find the perfect dates for you and your team.

3. Energize your team!

Invest in your team with a training that will teach them how to tell a compelling story that motivates team members. They will walk away with a clear story that accelerates your marketing success.

"We wanted to create more impactful messaging and wanted collaboration across the team. The exercises and the team discussions allowed team members to practice. Now everyone on the team can use this framework to create deliverables."

"After significant organizational changes, including a leadership transition, our company was struggling to stay unified in our messaging. We identified gaps in communication and what the heart of our organizational story is. Our passion for our work is reignited and we now feel empowered to share our message."

"We are 20 years old as a company and we are very broad in the services we offer. We have never had a concise message. Our management for the first time are all on the same page about what the entire agency does regardless of individual divisions. That is HUGE!!"

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