Virtual or In-Person StoryBrand
Private Workshops

Clarify Your Company Message
Unite Your Team
& Learn a Repeatable Communication Framework

Align teams around a common story

Streamline sales & marketing messaging


Reach more customers

An unclear message creates many difficult challenges for an organization:

Many leaders, marketers, salespeople, and managers are being ignored. Why? It's not because they are bad people or aren't trying. It's because they are failing to communicate clearly.

Customers are going to our competitors.
We don't know what to say when someone asks us what we do.
Our teams forget our imperatives within hours after they are explained.
We don't know what to say when we sit down to write an email.
The why of our work is muddled and we aren't connected to a deeper sense of meaning.
Our customers don't understand exactly what we offer.
Our marketing material is mostly a waste of money.
Our salespeople can't differentiate our products in the marketplace.
Word isn't spreading about what we offer.
Our message is spoken a thousand different ways.
Matt Carroll running a marketing workshop
Private Workshop with BigBigStory

How a private workshop helps:

Once you understand how to implement the StoryBrand framework, you will be able to use it in both personal and professional communication.

For individuals:

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Create effective marketing material

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Create sales scripts that work

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Lead teams effectively

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Give speeches that encourage buy-in

For organizations:

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Increase revenue

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Connect with customers

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Position your organization in the marketplace

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Combat confusion about organization objectives

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Align and streamline sales messaging

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Inspire employees to work with a sense of meaning

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Increase team unity

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Align teams around a common story

Private Workshop Deliverables

A clear value proposition
A simple and repeatable communication framework
Team unity and alignment around a common message
Years of indecision now resolved
A clear story everyone can tell
Action items that bring the biggest return

Most clients don't realize they've been stuck for years.
A Private Workshop gets your entire team moving again.

People were never on the same page with what our message was. The workshop brought clarity and synergy. We believe clarity in our messaging will help us grow our audience, fans, listeners, and donors."

After significant organizational changes, including a leadership transition, our company was struggling to stay unified in our messaging. We identified gaps in communication and what the heart of our organizational story is. Our passion for our work is reignited and we now feel empowered to share our message."

We are 20 years old as a company and we are very broad in the services we offer. We have never had a concise message. Our management for the first time are all on the same page about what the entire agency does regardless of individual divisions. That is HUGE!!"

We wanted to create more impactful messaging and wanted collaboration across the team. The exercises and the team discussions allowed team members to practice. Now everyone on the team can use this framework to create deliverables."

It's time to energize your communication efforts

To get started on a private workshop follow these steps:

Determine your goals

Let's get on the same page on what a great workshop will look like for your team.

Experience the workshop

Create a foundational message for your business and unlock your team's potential.

Enjoy clarity

You'll do lots of team celebrations as your revenue increases!


"Remember, people like to follow leaders who communicate clearly, and customers like to buy from brands that clearly explain how they can make a customer's life better."