We help small businesses tell big and compelling stories that attract bigger business opportunities.

Brand Strategy

Many businesses start with random marketing tactics before getting clear on their brand strategy. This is a formula for random results and confused customers. Ensure your marketing efforts start off on the right foot by getting clear on who you are and how you are different, and who you are trying to reach and the messages they care about.


Mission, Vision, Values
Brand Personality
Target Audience Research
BrandScript Development
One-liner/Elevator Pitch
Narrative Pitch/Executive Summary

Why is brand strategy needed before I build a website or other marketing assets?

Branding lays the foundation for consistent and clear marketing. Without it it's easy for all your messaging to become disjointed and scattered, causing confusion with your audience. With it employees get on the same page, customer awareness raises, and all your messaging becomes more consistent.

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Message Development

Now that we've built a strong brand strategy it's time to take that message and apply it to where your customers are seeing it. Every time someone reads your content it should be clear and compelling and lead them toward engaging with your brand.


Website Copy
LinkedIn Profile Rewrites
Lead Generators
Case Studies
Pitch Decks
Email Campaigns

What's the difference between copywriting and content writing?

Content writing is typically for adding value or providing something educational for your audience. It's often used to boost SEO or to build credibility. Copywriting is for getting a prospect to convert or do business with you.

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Visual Identity

Your visual identity is your customer’s first impression of your business because it's what they see. In split seconds the visual impression can either draw someone in or turn them off even before they read what you have to say. If your brand looks amateur, it gives the impression that your service or product is amateur too. Ouch! Let’s make your brand look and feel as professional and high-end as the product or service you provide.


Primary Logo
Secondary Logo
Color Palette
Font Selections
Brand Guidelines Doc
PDF Design
Social Media Templates

Do I need the other elements besides just the logo?

A brand is so much more than just a logo. That’s kind of like putting one decorative chair in an otherwise empty, all-white room. In order to create an impactful brand, we must thoughtfully choose colors, fonts, patterns, and more that together evoke a mood and tell the story of your brand.

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We like business owners to think of their website as their product. It's that important. Websites are the most powerful piece of communication for your brand. In our digital world people are visiting websites before ever considering giving you a call, even if they are a referral. Simply put, if your website is not up to snuff you are losing business. Websites build credibility, overcome objections, and if laid out and written properly get you more business.


Website Strategy and Sitemap
Copywriting and Wireframe
Branding Integration
Lead Magnet Integration
Stock Photo Sourcing
Basic SEO Services
Website Development
Domain Integration and Connection

What platforms do you build on?

The most common platform we use is Wordpress. However, we've built on many other platforms. One platform isn't better than another, it just depends on what you need as a business. We are happy to advise on what's best for you.

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Workshops are perfect for businesses with teams. A workshop dynamic helps build consensus and buy-in when adopting or creating new ideas. Together your team can create new brand language, we'll teach why and how it works, and then you'll be armed with tools on how to implement your brand effectively in the future.  

Workshop Types:

StoryBand Private Workshop
Mission, Vision, Values
Write Your Website In A Day
Message Implementation Training

How is a StoryBrand Private Workshop different from the workshops StoryBrand holds?

We cover the same material you would receive at a StoryBrand workshop, however with a private workshop we are able to customize the training to your team. When attending the StoryBrand workshop you get coached with a group of other business owners and get less feedback/attention. With a private workshop more people from your team can attend and you get 100% attention from a facilitator. Additionally the outputs of a StoryBrand workshop rest entirely on the business because it is solely a coaching environment. With a private workshop the final outputs rest on us. You are not only hiring us to teach and coach you, but you are hiring us to get your brand message right.

How is BigBigStory connected to StoryBrand?

BigBigStory is certified by StoryBrand to facilitate private workshops and has been a Certified StoryBrand Guide since 2017.

How long do workshops take?

Depending on what we are covering a workshop could be as short as an hour or as long as two full days.

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