Wix vs. Squarespace ad campaign. (Both are fun to watch!)

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February 22, 2018

So I’ve used Squarespace before and really like it. I have not used Wix. I’m sure they are pretty similar. Regardless this post has nothing to do with their website building programs. If that’s what you were hoping to gain, SORRY! You got on the wrong review!

What I’m going to be reviewing is their ad campaigns. I first saw these commercials watching the Super Bowl this year.

The two are so drastically different that I seriously believe that one of these brands is going to have a huge advantage over the other after everything is said and done.

I’m attaching both commercials for you to watch before I comment. When you watch pretend you know nothing about either brand. I’m guessing that’s the ultimate goal of both these companies, to expand their reach to new customers. So of course they would position themselves to be as accessible as possible to a new user... Of course! So buckle up and let's watch these ads. Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who knows zero about the companies and ask yourself, "Which commercial is easiest to understand?"

I’m kind of sad, because I feel like I should have loyalty with Squarespace. I’ve used their product and really like it! But when it comes to effectiveness between these two commercials it’s not even comparable. Wix crushed it and Squarespace confused.

Now to be fair to Squarespace once you get into their commercial campaign they start to do way better. In fact their commercials are downright hilarious. I’ll post these at the end. But here is what Wix did right and what Squarespace did wrong:

1. Wix is sooo easy to understand AND they are funny, clever and like-able.

Wix crushed it here! Squarespace is trying to be funny and clever and likable, but they are whiffing. With Squarespace I have no idea what they are selling. A motorcycle? A new action movie?

How understandable is your marketing? "Well it's complicated..." Well you are losing business then. Simplify it down into understandable language that your user can interact with and see your sales soar.

2. Wix makes everything seem easy.

The commercial makes building a website seem like a great and fun process! Brands that are able to simplify the process of doing business with their customers will end up doing more business.

Does your website have paragraphs full of text or icons with simple steps? It's as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Think steps in everything you communicate to your customer!

3. Wix positions themselves as the guide that helps me win the day.

I have no clue who these guys are. I’m guessing maybe they have some sort of internet appeal somewhere. But it doesn’t matter one bit! I don’t have to be an insider to like them.

I’m doing a search right now to figure out who they are… one second. Oh thanks Wikipedia… There ya have it! They are a big time comedy duo on youtube: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhett_and_Link

But it doesn’t matter. Wix didn’t confuse me with insider talk that only fans of Rhett and Link would understand. They are totally likable dudes and they want to help me win the day.

With Squarespace, Keanu Reaves is great guy and maybe even more known than Rhett and Link. But in this commercial his name recognition has zero meaning or impact on me for this reason: he doesn’t do a single thing to help me out as a potential customer.

Having big names and a big budget have zero impact if you can't help your customers out.

Now to be fair to Squarespace, once you get into their commercial campaign they start to do way better.

In fact their commercials are downright hilarious. I love them! But WIX clearly has the advantage because I don’t have to keep watching more commercials to figure out what they are selling.

I worry about the commercial campaign approach. Are they losing potential customers by having a whole campaign for them to have to follow to simply get what they are selling? My gut says yes.

If you confuse you will lose - Donald Miller of Building a StoryBrand. It’s true!

Now watch the these Squarespace commercials in their campaign for a good laugh:

Posted on
February 22, 2018