Super Bowl 2018 Ad Awards: The Villain

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February 6, 2018

If you want to have better sales your brand should identify a villain too!  

I’m giving away 3 Super Bowl ad awards for 2018. Read about my 3 categories here:

This post is for The Best Super Bowl Commercial Villain. 

Before I give my award away, here is a quick recap on why identifying a villain is so memorable: 

Great movies have good villains. Oftentimes the villain is what catalyses the hero to rise up and fight to save the day!

Brands can create memorable storylines when they can identify a villain they are helping equip the hero (the customer) to fight.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Think of the Allstate commercials with the character called “Mayhem”. This is a great villain. We all remember this guy and and want to prevent him from wrecking our lives.

So to my award (drum roll): The Best Super Bowl Commercial Villain goes to Rocket Mortgage! 

I believe Rocket Mortgage did a great job identifying a villain in their Super Bowl ad. Before I break down the commercial I’m going to give you can chance to watch it. At first when you watch you might think, “Where’s the villain?” I’ll explain afterwards:  


So where’s the villain? 

Keegan-Michael Key is a hilarious character helping out these poor confused customers interpret insider jargon. And there is where we find our villain. The villain is CONFUSION

Speaking of confusion... Just a quick side tangent, if your brand has insider language you are killing your sales! Here is a great blog post about the “curse of knowledge”:

What Rocket Mortgage is doing is helping us know that they will give us, the customers, the tools we need to fight confusion. 

They “make the complex simple.” 

Confusion is the villain and it will not win the day! 

Great commercial!   

I laughed out loud when he interpreted “entrepreneur” as meaning “unemployed”!  

So to all you freelancers out there trying to run your own business, I hope you crush it today! 

Stay tuned for my next award: Too Clever Award

Posted on
February 6, 2018