Book Review: Option B by Sheryl Sandberg

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January 8, 2020

Option B by Sheryl Sandberg

“Life is never perfect. We will all live some form of Option B."

Sheryl shares the traumatic experience of having to go through the loss of her husband, dying suddenly at age 47. I listened to this book over New Years break while my kids had their 2nd week off of school for Christmas.

I recently discovered from my wife that you can listen to library books through the library app Libby.

I picked out a few books that were on hold and found Sheryl’s book as my Option B (pun intended) while I waited for those books to become available.

I’m super glad I did.

This book probably is the best book to read going into a new year, bringing tremendous perspective to how precious every single day truly is… each moment of life is a gift and the challenges I get to face, problems I get to solve, and any other bump in the road is truly an opportunity for me to embrace.

Sheryl’s book blew me away in so many ways.

I found myself angry at times at the idea that someone could find life after losing a loved one, picturing what my life would look like if I lost someone who was dear to me… however I know so many of the words in her book were true. So I hugged my kids tighter and didn’t allow my anger to be stoked over the little things my kids do that might normally cause my blood to boil.

I think of the stoic writings of Epictetus who says “As you kiss your son good night, whisper to yourself, ‘He may be dead in the morning.’ Don’t tempt fate, you say. By talking about a natural event? Is fate tempted when we speak of a grain being reaped?”

As morbid as this exercise sounds the truth is no one can really prepare for death, but by embracing death it helps us make sure the moments of life are not wasted.

Loss is part of life. No one chooses it, it chooses them. However embracing loss (or the possibility of loss) can make the life we do have that much more meaningful if we choose to allow it.

I recommend this book for everyone, but especially for those who have recently dealt with loss or know someone who has. Sheryl does an amazing job helping one know what truly is and isn’t helpful for someone going through the grieving process.

“I couldn’t understand when friends didn’t ask me how I was. I felt invisible, as if I were standing in front of them but they couldn’t see me. When someone shows up with a cast, we immediately inquire, “What happened?” If your ankle gets shattered, people ask to hear the story. If your life gets shattered, they don’t.”
Sheryl Sandberg

Posted on
January 8, 2020