One of the Super Bowl Ads I loved. Learn to sell from Dr. Oz.

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February 5, 2018

Turkish Airlines put out one of the best commercials for the Super Bowl.

You can watch it here: 


There are a few things I loved about the ad that every brand could learn from for their own advertising.

1.) Humanity is the hero.

As you watch the commercial you discover how amazing humanity is drawing us into greater awe and wonder at how our bodies function. As you watch you can't help but think "wow, our bodies, our lives are pretty amazing!"

As a brand, if you can somehow get your the hero (your customer) to look at themselves and get drawn into the story, you are doing something right.

How can you help your customers see themselves in relation to your brand?

2.) Turkish Airlines picked the perfect guide.

Dr. Oz is the perfect guide. He is already known as an expert who helps many in life. But this commercial almost brings Oz to guru status as he helps all of us look at life with greater wonder and awe. We see this sage who has deep understanding of life and the world we live in and we desire to know what he has to say.

As a brand, position yourself as a the guide and not the hero. You want your customers to know that they are hero and you are the guide they can follow.

When you look at your marketing language who is positioned you win, your brand or your customer?

3.) A strong aspirational identity is painted

"Get out there. Explore. See. Smell. Hear. Taste. Touch. Widen your world."

Turkish Airline paints a picture that you can become someone who gets the the most out of life, using every single sense your body has! Don't miss out on living that type of life!

As a brand we should try to paint pictures of who our customer could become.

When you look at your marketing, is there imagery of what your customers life could look like by using your products or services.

I think Turkish Airlines crushed it with this commercial! 

Posted on
February 5, 2018